The Influencer

Do you have the clarity to find The Influencer?

Many years ago lived a wealthy man who had made a lot of wealth but was longing for enlightenment. He decided to leave all his wealth and family, and set out to seek enlightenment. As he set out in search he decided to meet the wise man in his village who could help describe the identity of the right Guru.

He went to the Banyan tree under which the wise man had been meditating. He approached him and asked if he could tell him where to find the best Guru to become enlightened. The wise man, who had been meditating for many years under this tree, decides to help him.

He explains the characteristics of the Guru. The man listened carefully and visualized how the perfect Guru would look like and set out on a journey to find the Guru.

He wondered for several years across the earth in search of that specific Guru who could help him. He met brilliant men along the path but none them where close to the persona described the wise man. After years of searching and disappointment, he decided to head back home. As he reached his village, he noticed Banyan tree in the distance, under which the wise man still sat. As he got closer he started relating to the description mentioned by the wise man about the perfect Guru. The description matched the wise man. He runs towards the wise man, and fell at his feet. He exclaims, “The only person who matches your description, is You. Why didn’t you tell me before that you were the Guru? I wouldn’t have wasted so many years of my life looking for you?”

The Guru smiles and says, “Son, as I gave you the description, you heard what I said, but never listened. Also you would have never known for sure if I was the perfect Guru unless you had set out to find the perfect Guru. All these years you have learnt what the perfect Guru doesn’t look like as well.”

In this story, the Guru was the Influencer who set the wealthy man on the right path, in spite of the lack of clarity he had and his inability to listen.

Finding an Influencer in your network is important for every business owner. Someone who can set your path in the right direction, help you visualize your goal and give you the positive energy to move forward. It might not take too long, if only you have the clarity in your search for your Influencer.

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