Are you tackling business challenges on your own?

It was a lovely evening, with Entrebators turned friends, gathered together for a discussion over dinner. During the gathering, Sri aka Business Brahma had very simple pointers on how to tackle day to day challenges of Business. Here are a couple of points I’d like to put together as an entrepreneur:

  1. Lack of Enthusiasm: Entrepreneurs are people with amazing brains. They take risks, tackle challenges but sometimes, the smallest factor like lack of enthusiasm messes it all up. You may be very close to achieving your goal but if you lack enthusiasm things will falter and that is a risk no one would want to take. Enthusiasm is that buzzing bee that buzzes in your head every single day. Being enthusiastic will keep your employees/ resources inspired. Make sure to show curiosity, take part with your team to inspire them, encourage them. Be in love with what you do, believe in your goal. This will help you achieve it.
  2. Focus in business: Focus is often underestimated in business world, but let me make it clear that focus can help you set goals and achieve it. You can’t think without focusing on something with positive concentration. Without being focused, you aren’t as effective as you are supposed to be or can be. Place goals, set targets (set rewards even). This is not possible without focus because you CANNOT produce perfection without focusing.
  3. Key Opinion Leaders: These marketers have a prominent status in the community and their opinions are valued and listened to. These influencers are seen as true experts and they are trusted as real individuals, not just people representing companies. When you own a business, you become a key opinion leader automatically. It is expected that you know a lot about your domain. Since you have made a difference to the world, the public- they expect knowledge and power to radiate off of you.
  4. Associating with other business owners: The quote “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” is the best example of what I am trying to insinuate. A business has higher chances of helping other businesses. You are highly likely to help yourself by helping the other business owner. But this can happen only if you surround yourself with business owners- successful business owners. A successful business owner is considered as a knowledgeable person also known as Key Opinion Leader who is valued in the business world. Hanging out with successful people will rub off on you eventually.
  5. Following up: An entrepreneur is a lot of things; he creates, he sets goal, he is enthusiastic and aims at achieving success but what can pull him down is not following up. It is key factor that puts an entrepreneur one step ahead on the stairway towards success. You build up, you keep your employees and resources happy, you participate but you forget to follow up. It will build network, strong and healthy business relationships.
  6. Knowledge Share: Last but not the least, Knowledge. If you are an achievable business man, ask yourself- what do you do to train yourself, what makes you better at what you do? How much do you spend on giving yourself that knowledge that is required to build strong network? You will be shocked to know that it is very little. You may be intelligent and the knowledge required will come from outside- other resources like reading, studying a case, thinking and then making efforts.

Solutions are creative and when great minds come together, problem solving becomes easy. Being an entrepreneur is an amazing job. But in order to succeed you need to make certain changes and my fellow entrepreneur- you will succeed!

2 thoughts on “Are you tackling business challenges on your own?”

  1. Vinod says:

    Very nicely written content and very useful practical tips. Keep up the good work

  2. I would say, These amazing thoughts should be framed and put up at every entreprenuer’s desk.
    This will always remind us to stay on top of things and be successful.

    Wish you all success 🙂

    Techie India Solutions

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