10 reasons for Mutual-Valueship, a ROI based marketing strategy to engage and acquiring target audience.

About Entrebator

Exclusive for Business Directors & Decision Makers.

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business growth. Marketing encompasses sales, advertisement, branding, networking and market relationship. Research shows over 89% of business directors do not invest in marketing due to a lack of investments, resources, and expertise. Moreover, in this age of evolving technology, marketing has evolved into digital marketing making it complex for many Business Directors to comprehend.

Entrebator is a Business Directors Marketing Partner, with a well-designed process-oriented Marketing and Business consulting solution within reach and in the palm of a decision-maker. Deploying a 360°-365 approach with well-integrated Ebator mobile application, an efficient lead generation portal, in-person & virtual face to face meetings, interactive knowledge sessions and a process-oriented business ecosystem that supports business directors and decision-makers in their marketing and business growth.

Entrebator is a true marketing partner with a three-pronged approach to marketing. Face to Face business interaction or activities, business knowledge sessions and efficient information technology tools to support the Business Directors to grow their business.

Entrebator Face to Face Meetings

Entrebator, the core focus is to build a relationship between business directors and decision-makers. To build relationship consistent communication is key. Entrebator weekly business events and Virtual meetings guarantee a 100 percent opportunity to meet business directors and cultivate business relationships. We connect the director to each other face to face and support consistent communication with each other for business growth.

Entrebator Business Events

The power of face to face meetings makes a huge difference in establishing business relationships & a successful business contact network. Our face to face business programs guarantees a 100% verified Business director & Decision Makers environment. The formal and informal programs are defined and designed to enhance maximum participation with a singular goal that is “your business Growth”.

Consistency is the key to any success! Entrebator business events establish a platform for Business directors to consistently meet, build their network and develop business. Programs like Virtual meetings, Micro group, Active Spot, Dinner hangout, Ownercult, Walk & Talk, Business Badminton are some of the programs that act as an environment for Marketing.

Virtual Meetings

Entrebator’s Virtual Meeting is a simple but effective way to connect, communicate and build contacts between decision-makers. In a busy world, convenience is of at most importance so Entrebator has been successful in conducting Virtual business meetings on a daily basis. The goal is to connect verified Directors or Executive decision-makers from any part of the world with each other and to provide business knowledge sessions on a regular basis. Entrebator’s virtual meetings are time-sensitive, efficient and guarantee results. Being a member of the Virtual meeting program you will have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of directs and executive decision-makers.

Ownercult Knowledge Session

In daily life, there are unlimited opportunities that come our way. Are we ready for them?

It is commonly believed that our experiences shape our knowledge and are the primary factor behind our perceptions. Most of the time, our bad experiences govern us. Experiences are only momentary, but the sustained significance we attribute to them often limits us. We often forget that our mind becomes submissive not because it is ruled by something or someone, but because we do not allow it to stand up for itself.

Entrebator’s “owner culture” is to empower business directors with the knowledge that can better the outcome of their experiences. We believe that intelligence is the key to evolving as a person, and this belief is reflected in the design of our knowledge sessions that are unabashedly aimed at improving intelligence. “Ownercult” is the comprehensive knowledge session designed for business directors that deconstructs the science behind becoming the best.

Ebator Mobile App and Web Portal

Ebator- through its Mobile application provides business directors a superior suite of business process, business tools and marketing solutions like networking, contact management, business data management, CRM, lead generation, referral sharing, branding & advertising.

Ebator business portal is a C2B lead generation portal where potential customers or clients can reach out to respective members for services or products. Through Ebator lead generation portal you can not only generate high-quality prospects but also have a proactive digital presence.

Entrebator programs solely focus on providing you 360° 365 marketing support and help the business director focus on the end result “Business Growth”.

Entrebator success

Everything initiates with our team and effort. We cultivate talent that knows the industry, recognizes challenges, and that works hand-in-hand with you to transform and promote your business. Our executives often bring decades of ​business experience with unmatched operational backgrounds. Endorsed by excellent business thought leaders, having the experience through organizing over 238 business Get-togethers, face to face business promotional activities, working and supporting hundreds of directors daily through process and technology we can become a natural allay for your business growth.

Our consultants become an integral part of your team, showing true collaboration and becoming trusted advisors. Dedicated to delivering practical, data-driven, actionable results that improve business performance and experience. We work as your “e” marketing team within your organization to create sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions.

  • Organize business get-together, business meetings, and business activities on a weekly basis
  • Conducted Over 239 business events & 300 + face to face interactive business promotional programs
  • Introduced over 10000 business directors and decision-makers face to face
  • An efficient business portal for lead generation
  • Over 3000 users registered and enthusiastically growing…

Entrebator Focus:

  • Consistent Business Engagement Activities
  • Identifying and Engaging the Influencers
  • Strengthening business Relationships
  • Presenting a Life-Time Value
  • Driving Top Line Revenue Growth
  • Increasing Bottom Line Profits
  • Improving Performance


Entrebator’s “Marketing 360°365” is a “Mutual-Valueship” program dedicated to engaging “the brand” with its “target audience”. Unlike other promotions or brand-building efforts, M360°365, Mutual-Valueship focus on supporting business and brands by creating a long term

“engage and experience” environment for their clients or customers. The Mutual-Valueship program provides a complete 360° 365 days marketing solution that covers all engagement aspects like face to face, referral, digital and knowledge-based interactive sessions. The goal and focus are to have a value-based interaction between the brand and its target audience.

What is Mutual-Valueship? 

Mutual-Valueship can be defined as — engaging the brand with a complementing brand which has a mutual target audience to achieve certain business goals such as Recognition or Sales. Unlike sponsoring or other forms of advertising or promotions, which are short term, indirect and not result-oriented, Mutual-Valueship is long term, allows brands to engage directly with the target market and is ROI focused. Mutual-Valueship is an important part of corporate and brand marketing strategies, which are designed to make the brand interact with the market in an ROI based proactive way.

Why Mutual-valueship?

The effectiveness of push-advertising and traditional marketing is slowly declining. Businesses bombard people with pushy marketing messages, however, Today’s recipients are matured to decide whether it is worth exploring the product or the service and It becomes difficult for brands to be heard or noticed in the noise. At the same time, business craves attention and its importance in recession prone world business should focus on channelizing their resources in engaging their target audience rather than blanket bombardment. It is becoming more and more apparent that unidirectional marketing fails to influence a potential customer in the same way that marketing channels based on interaction can.

Engaging the brand with its potential client can be achieved by moving away from the traditional forms of marketing and exploring with a more effective marketing channel – Mutual-Valueship. Mutual-Valueship allows brands to reach specific audiences and build long-lasting relationships in a much more resourceful way. As a brand itself in its own line of business sees good sense in being associated with the aspiring brand, by being involved in aspirational activities that excite the target market.

Why should Brands/businesses consider Mutual-Valueship?

Based on the goal, the priority of your brand or business, “Sales or Recognition” Mutual-Valueship focus on tangible return on investment (ROI). According to a recent study, 81% of consumers proactively view brands that provide engagement experiences and brands that create memorable moments make them more likely to buy their productor or services.

Having an opportunity to demonstrate brand authority as an industry expert a brand can gain credibility and respect by providing good quality engaging experience around relevant engagements. Moreover, Mutual-Valueship generates lasting awareness around the brand and get additional exposure through various media channels. Also not following push form of marketing enables Mutual-Valueship to create trust between the brand and the customers more easily.

Benefits of Mutual-Valueship

Mutual- Valueship is based on ROI, it is becoming more evident that investing in experiences and building strong relationships is much wiser than spending money on traditional marketing spaces.

Mutual-Valueship can bring to the brand

  • Direct access to the target market.
  • Lead generation.
  • Building a reputation.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Face-to-face interaction
  • New business partnerships.
  • Better perception
  • Direct communication
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Community building & participation

Most importantly, the brand’s reputation soars when working alongside other growing brands. Through Mutual-Valueship engagement, the brand can leverage this power of collective credibility. Mutual-Valueship is increasingly popular among businesses that want to grow fast and reach quality audiences.

The benefits of Mutual-Valueship are definable and increasingly popular among businesses that believe in the long term and to reach quality audiences.

Take advantage of every resource Entrebator offers to help businesses and brands.


Is it truly lonely at the top? not anymore!

Entrebator is the business ecosystem exclusively for verified business directors and executive decision-makers. As we believe business thrives on relationships, we have developed and integrated a business ecosystem that brings together directors or decision makers together. The goal and focus are to engage directors or decision makers to face to face and nurture business relationships.

We at Entrebator understand the importance of time and influence, so we have defined two types of engagement Real time or Virtual. With the experience of conducting over 239 real time business get together & events and over 380 virtual meetings, we are all set to support any aspiring director or executive decision maker with our services.

As a director or decision-maker, if you understand the power of business networking, all you need to do is signup with Entrebator as a Virtual member or Real-time member and our team will do the rest. We guarantee you meet hundreds of verified and qualified directors or decision makers face to face based at your convenience.

Terms of engagement

  • Should be a Director or Executive decision makers
  • Should provide relevant documents for approval.
  • Strictly follow the rules of engagement
  • Proactive participation expected
  • Strictly business engagement


Entrebator’s, Ebator lead generation portal is a perfect space for quality leads. Unlike other lead generation processes, the Ebator lead generation portal performs in many ways lead generation, content management, data management and as the feedback management system. This allows you to build a strong customer/client relationship. The Ebator business portal provides you a digital space to display your business capabilities and allows you to connect with the market directly.

 Based on your business performance and rating you will be ranked, the better the rating the better the position within the portal. Ebator portal also helps focus on the target market by providing zipcode based listing. The best part is it content driven so the more you share useful content the better leads generated.

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