About Us

Entrebator is a Marketing & Networking app exclusively designed for businesses to Connect, Manage, Communicate and have Digital interactions with innovative business marketing. Entrebator is an exclusive Business eco system for business owners and decision makers. As India’s first and only business eco system Entrebator provides business environments such as mobile app based business development tools, well defined business development processes, in-person face to face business get-togethers, knowledge share sessions, online & offline marketing and branding programs and much more.

Originally designed and created by 1on1links Pvt Ltd, the app was to enhance the business growth of its existing members. Although, now, it has been developed for the convenience of the day to day business man.

1ON1LINKS is a Business Consulting, Business Media and Business Events Company Empowering Decision Makers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Development Professionals Online & Offline.

What do you get from this App?

As a Business Owner I need to exercise all my Marketing strategies in a well monitored platform, while having absolute control over it. Through Entrebator I am empowered to do the following activities.


  • I am able to Look for end customer
  • I have a better Prospecting: Targeting customer
  • I am able to have effective on time Follow up
  • My interaction ends in money transaction


  • I have the Capability to draw attention towards my product and company
  • I am able to Trigger curiosity and create hype.


  • I can establish Brand recall or consistency with my customer.
  • I can create a Brand value under controlled supervision.


  • I can acquire market knowledge
  • I am able to Identify who needs what & find solutions
  • I will be Identifying influential contacts

PR or MR:

  • I can Define my market
  • I am able to Identify methods to read the market
  • I will effectively Communicate my defined content
  • I can Define my market
  • I am able to Identify methods to read the market
  • I can conduct Research or Reviews of my product

All the above are various methods of marketing yourself

  • It is usually fractured and scattered.
  • Entrebator helps it to be brought under one space.