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6 Must Take Steps for Business Directors to Grow their business out of recession


As the world wakes up to an unprecedented reality, the scale of the coronavirus crisis is far more devastating than any pandemic the world has ever seen and is reshaping society in lasting ways. This global pandemic that keeps us contained for months is going to alter the way the world works. This pandemic is […]

10 reasons for Mutual-Valueship, a ROI based marketing strategy to engage and acquiring target audience.


About Entrebator Exclusive for Business Directors & Decision Makers. Marketing is the cornerstone of any business growth. Marketing encompasses sales, advertisement, branding, networking and market relationship. Research shows over 89% of business directors do not invest in marketing due to a lack of investments, resources, and expertise. Moreover, in this age of evolving technology, marketing […]

Six ways to Market your Business on a low budget


As an MSME When we don’t have investment or when budgets are tight marketing is the first expense you look to cut.

Memory Chip


A simple semiconducting material that stores Data for the purpose of retrieval or processing. Apparently, it’s this small device that acts as the brains of a machine that can either make or break. Most importantly, it uses previously stored data for completing tasks efficiently and conclusively. Similarly, we humans have the brain which does the […]

Intelligent Interference


Hello readers! I would like to share with you an exclusive thought that Sri aka Business Brahma shared with me in the last week after the Corporate Associate Program. We spoke about how an individual can ensure they succeed. This blog will give you an in-depth knowledge of how your intelligence can help you become […]

The Bull and the Monkey


Hello readers! It’s been a pleasure sharing business insights with you. This blog brings to you a story Business Brahma shared during an Entrebator event. If this post helps you to make a change in your approach to business then please drop a comment and share your thoughts. There lived a family with a father, […]

Essentials of Entrepreneurship


In a nation with the second highest startups per nation, entrepreneurship is almost a common notion these days. Whether you succeed or not depends on the mindset & values you possess. The following points were given by Business Brahma himself, while I was having a casual chat with him over tea last Sunday. Communication is […]

Are you tackling business challenges on your own?


It was a lovely evening, with Entrebators turned friends, gathered together for a discussion over dinner. During the gathering, Sri aka Business Brahma had very simple pointers on how to tackle day to day challenges of Business. Here are a couple of points I’d like to put together as an entrepreneur: Lack of Enthusiasm: Entrepreneurs […]

The Influencer


Do you have the clarity to find The Influencer? Many years ago lived a wealthy man who had made a lot of wealth but was longing for enlightenment. He decided to leave all his wealth and family, and set out to seek enlightenment. As he set out in search he decided to meet the wise […]

Marketing for SME’s


Marketing is an absolute necessity for businesses to connect, communicate and interact with the market. As a business owner you need to exercise all marketing strategies in a well monitored platform, while having absolute control over it. The following aspects of Marketing and its necessity were shared in a business decision makers guest event by […]